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Product Meetup

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September : SEO strategies with Prismic

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Wed, Sep 29, 2021 4:00 PM

Every month, Renaud and Sadek host this live show to share news about Prismic's product strategy, announce new features, and present early prototypes. It's also the place where Prismic enthusiasts meet and connect. You can participate with live chat and a Q&A session, and help us choose what features and topics to cover.

Product Meeetup

Share a meal with us.

We offer attendees an Uber voucher so that you can enjoy a pizza or a warm dish while watching the show.

Product Meeetup

Meet the community.

Connect with like-minded Prismic people, share your opinions about front-end stacks, and grow your circle.


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Product Meeetup Replay

EPISODE 12 • Jul, 2021

July: Should I activate Slice Machine in my project?

Sadek and Renaud discuss with you about Slice Machine in-depth and if you can activate it on your project.